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What is ClubFoot

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Clubfoot(CTEV) is a condition characterised by deformity of foot in which the foot is curved inwards. It is seen in 2-3 per 1000 live births. Though this condition can be diagnosed on ultrasound before birth, it's treatment starts only after birth. The treatment of choice is Ponseti method of correction in which plasters are applied within one week of birth and foot is corrected gradually with 4-5 serial plasters. After full correction the child is braced for 2 years. The results of this method are very good and time tested and the child is left with minimal residual deformity.

Possible causes of ClubFoot

  • In Idiopathic clubfoot the cause is unknown and best results are obtained by serial correction using casts.
  • Non idiopathic conditions include neurogenic (arthrogyrposis, spinal dysraphism, etc), connective tissue disorders and other genetic syndromes. The feet in these conditions are more difficult to treat and show a high recurrence rate. Recurrent cases require surgical correction.

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