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Gentle, Effective Clubfoot Treatment for Kids
Gentle stretching and a series of foot casts
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What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot(CTEV) is a condition characterised by deformity of foot in which the foot is curved inwards. It is seen in 2-3 per 1000 live births. Though this condition can be diagnosed on ultrasound before birth, it’s treatment starts only after birth. The method of choice is Ponseti method of correction in which plasters are applied within one week of birth and foot is corrected gradually with 4-5 serial plasters. After full correction the child is braced for 2 years. The results of this method are very good and time tested and the child is left with no residual deformity.

Why Choose Our Medical Services

Dr. Sameer Desai is a Paediatric Orthopaedic working in the field of treatment of clubfoot since 2002

clubfoot deformities

Clubfoot Deformities

Clubfoot is a deformity in which an infant’s foot is turned inward, often so severely that the bottom of the foot faces sideways or even upward.

ponseti way

Ponseti method

This is accomplished with a percutaneous surgical release of the tendon, which allows the ankle to be positioned at a right angle with the leg. 

the bracing process

Bracing technique

Bracing method are specifically designed and sized for infants and children. They help immobilize a specific area of the body, such as a leg, a foot.

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Dr Siddhant Gandhi
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Saachi Children’s hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. it is not because of any curse or because of your sins. It is a fairly common condition and you should not feel guilty about it. Your child will have no physical disability and will lead a normal life if treated in time.

Yes! This condition is completely curable and you need not worry about it.

The plaster should not get wet otherwise the underlying skin will get damaged. Use diapers to protect the plaster or a plastic wrap around the plaster.

You can sponge the child with warm water. Take care that water does not enter through the sides of the plaster. On the day the plaster is to be changed you can remove the plaster at home and bathe the child and bring the child for the next plaster

There is a 5-10 % chance of recurrence especially in non idiopathic clubfoot. The recurrence can be treated with repeat plaster or a tendon transfer surgery.

Recurrence can be prevented by proper shoe wear and physiotherapy.Physiotherapy includes turning the foot upwards and outwards and stroking the outer border of foot.

If the treatment is started late or if the deformity is very severe then open surgery is required. Surgery is performed around 9-12 months. Older children also can be operated but the surgery is more complex in these cases.

Around 10-15% children will have their involved foot smaller by around 1 cm. They will however have no disability later in life and will be able to do normal sports activities.

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Clubfoot Medical Foundation

Clubfoot medical Foundation is a trust founded by Dr. Sameer Desai for the treatment of children with Clubfoot. Our moto is “NO CHILD SHOULD GO UNTREATED”. Through this trust we organize camps to increase awareness about clubfoot. Camps are organised in Pune, Ahmednagar, Satara and Baramati. Every year we hold a get together of all children who have been treated with clubfoot. This is a parent get together where parents and children interact with each other. These interactions help in solving their problems and also alley their fears and misconceptions. Children come forward and share their success stories. We also come to know about the hard ships that parents have to go during the treatment. We treat poor patients free of cost. Through this trust we have treated more than 100 children free of cost. We also organize fund raising activity by collaborating with Tata Mumbai Marathon and United Way of Mumbai. Many runners have run for our trust to create awareness and raise funds. This is a registered medical trust with 80 G and 12 A certificates. Those who donate can also get Tax Exemptions as per Government Rules.

Parents can donate online using the following details


Account number- 60096751107

Bank- Bank Of Maharashtra

Branch- Sahakarnagar, Pune



Dr. Sameer Desai is a best doctor for club foot.I will highly recommend him for such kind of issue. Very friendly and polite. Answered all the queries and given assurance of best treatment. Now our babies foot looks okay and he is able to walk. Thank you sir.

Umesh Patle

Excellent and accurate Diagnosis! Thank you Dr. Sameer for all the help and support during treatment. Really appreciated. Very caring and soft spoken. Gives proper advice and enough time to patients.

Vitthal Shekade

Very nice experience with Sameer Sir. My child had club foot and in 1st month of his birth we had meet Dr. Sameer. He adviced accordingly we followed. Its 9 month of my baby boy completed and its almost cured. Each time we meet he listen patiently and clear our doubts. Thanks to Dr. Sameer for his advice and workout. Carry on good work Sir

Amit Lal

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