A breif history and how it is done

Dr. Ignacio Ponseti was an American Surgeon who described this method. In this method plasters are started within 1 week after birth. Serial plasters are applied so as to correct the foot gradually. The plasters are applied above the knee joint so that the plasters don’t slip out of the leg.
The plasters are changed every week with the final plaster being kept for 3-4 weeks. Before the final plaster some feet may need a small surgery in which a muscle behind the heel (tendoachillis) may need to be cut. It reforms again in the elongated position and there are no side effects of this procedure.
A total of 4-8 plasters may be required depending on the severity of clubfoot. Ponseti has shown that feet treated with this method are more supple, flexible and mobile than those treated by major surgery.

Pre-Post Clubfoot Treatment Results

Bilateral Clubfoot with plaster

Before 1st Plaster

Before 2nd Plaster

Before 3rd Plaster

Before 4th Plaster

Before tenotomy

After tenotomy

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