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  • Mr Shashikant Rao – 9665040477 ( English , Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Telgu, )
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  • Mr Sameer Shaikh – 9673333343 ( English ,Hindi, Marathi)

Baby of Mrs.Pallavi Kokane
Ph: 9822310978

I was enjoying the beautiful days of my 2nd pregnancy. The happiness turned into fear and sorrow when we found via ultrasound sonography that the baby has developed left clubfoot. We were in trauma even though we had a family history of this problem as my father-in-law had same problem when he was born in 1947. There was hardly anything that doctor could do until the baby was born. We met Dr. Sameer Desai for our baby’s treatment on 3rd day after his birth. He suggested Ponseti method of treatment which is different than the traditional method that includes months of casting and extensive reconstructive surgery. Sooner was better… so we started the treatment and our baby, Sharv, had his 1st cast on left foot on 8th day after his birth. The process that we went through when Sharv was being treated was amazing. We visited Dr. Sameer Desai weekly and he manipulated & casted Sharv’s foot. After just 5 casts and a tenotomy, the correction was complete.Now Sharv is wearing splint for 23 hours a day; he will continue to wear till Sharv completes 1 year to prevent the chance of relapse. Sharv is 6 months old now and his left foot looked just like the right. We also have check-ups every month and so far Sharv’s foot is doing great. Our experience with Dr. Sameer Desai has been and continues to be a great one. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of those involved in our baby’s care. I am also extremely thankful to Dr. Ponseti, for dedicating his life for developing this method and for passing on his knowledge to help our children.

Baby of George

My wife Liji Vinod delivered a baby girl (Levia) on January 4th 2010.My child was identified with club foot birth defect. During intial sonography this defect was not identified. My Child was refered to Dr. Desai .By observing our child Dr Desai gave us the confidence of treating our child of club foot defect. My child was taken to doctor on the second day of birth.Club foot treatment was started on the second week of birth. The treatment was 3 months period. The treatment started with plastering on the leg to treat it to move the leg towards outside direction.Every week the plaster was put on new and end of the week removed to put a new one.This continued for four weeks. After the last plaster my child Levia was operated on the leg and then plastering was done. The plaster was kept for 1-1/2 months.My child is now 4 months old and she is treated for the club foot defect.the legs look absouletly perfect as normal child’s leg.We are very grateful to Dr.Desai for his work.We are very happy to have him as our doctor. God Bless you and your family.

We came to know of our child’s CTV condition during sonography in the forth month of pregnancy . We had full faith in the our gynaecologist who assured us that this condition is fully correctable by plaster and physiotherapy . It was this faith that help us sail smoothly through the pregnancy without taking undue stress thinking about CTV condition . The treatment started with plaster after 10 days of delivery . Initially it was difficult to handle a small baby with plaster on but we guess all the hardships are small as compared to your child’s heath and happiness.Religious physiotherapy by professionals and at home by us have gives positive results . We could see the difference as compared to the condition at birth . CTV condition can be fully corrected . We would like to assure all those anxious parents who’s children have been diagnosed with this condition that with regular exercises your child can do all the physical activities as other children do . The happiest moment of our life was when our child took his first step and then onwards there was no looking back .This was possible only through systematic guidance by doctors .

Dr. Sameer Desai is a best doctor for club foot.I will highly recommend him for such kind of issue. Very friendly and polite. Answered all the queries and given assurance of best treatment. Now our babies foot looks okay and he is able to walk. Thank you sir.

Umesh Patle

Excellent doctor. Vast experience and very personalized and excellent treatment.. 1.6 year old kids fracture was treated very professionally by the doctor. I would recommend the doctor with 5 stars.

Neeraj Damle

Excellent and accurate Diagnosis! Thank you Dr. Sameer for all the help and support during treatment. Really appreciated. Very caring and soft spoken. Gives proper advice and enough time to patients.

Vitthal Shekade

Very nice experience with Sameer Sir. My child had club foot and in 1st month of his birth we had meet Dr. Sameer. He adviced accordingly we followed. Its 9 month of my baby boy completed and its almost cured. Each time we meet he listen patiently and clear our doubts. Thanks to Dr. Sameer for his advice and workout. Carry on good work Sir

Amit Lal

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